Strong Start for All Students

In the words of social justice leader, Frederick Douglass, “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men”. Our public school system is the foundation upon which our students build their dreams, talents, and preparedness for life. This is why we must focus on quality early childhood education, ensuring all students participate in Pre-K.

A strong start also means students are ready to learn and engage in the classroom. We must ensure ALL our students, with a special focus on English Language Learners, are ready to succeed at the earliest and most critical benchmarks in 3rd grade reading.

Positive Learning Environment

Our students spend the majority of their formative years in the classroom. How are we meeting their needs and fostering their growth? Students deserve modern/state of the art/well-funded facilities that allow for the demands of academics and extracurriculars.

The school-to-prison pipeline affects us all. Students with disciplinary concerns should not be expected to fill in a jail cell more than we can set them up to walk across the graduation stage. Restorative discipline offers the opportunity to collectively care and work with our students to become responsible citizens.

Students do not navigate school alone and shouldn’t. Parents, families, and community leaders are our valued partners in building the positive learning environment for students to thrive.

Access to Opportunity or Prepared for Life

Learning doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Success doesn’t either. Expanding access to college-level courses (AP/IB), resources (SAT, ACT, TSI prep), and advisors (vendors) will enable our students to become college and career ready. Remediation in college often keeps our students behind and too many from obtaining a postsecondary credential. Let’s invest earlier in a student’s journey.

Educators change the world. My educators made all the difference for me--and I know for many of us, too. We need our strongest teachers in front of our students. Accelerating Campus Excellence (ACE) has proven successful where it’s needed most. Let’s continue the investment in strong school leadership, effective teachers, and high expectations for both students and staff.